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3 Important car maintenance checks for summer

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Performing a few basic maintenance checks is crucial to keeping your ride smooth and safe when the weather is nice out. Who doesn’t enjoy taking road trips or exploring new places during summer?
This means that most of us spend a good deal of time in our cars, and therefore, it is the perfect time to perform a few maintenance checks.

Three maintenance checks to perform before you head out on the open road

1. Tires

Safety should come first whenever you’re planning a road trip or heading out to your favourite holiday spot and that means you need to do a thorough maintenance check on your tires. When checking your tires, remember the following:
Ensure that your tires have a proper level of tread left so that your vehicle has a good grip on the road. This will help you avoid accidents and come to a stop safely, no matter the weather conditions.
While inspecting the tread of your tires, be sure to keep an eye out for any rubber damage or deformation. If you spot any issues, let us examine your tires and advise you on replacements.
Tire pressure:
Don’t forget about adjusting the tire pressure to suit your vehicle type, weather conditions, and load. The correct tire pressure will keep you safe and can also improve fuel efficiency and comfort level.

2. Fluid levels

Your car uses different fluids and coolants to keep running optimally, and you should do maintenance checks on the various systems that contain fluids, including:
– Wipers
– Oil
– Engine coolant
If you’re not sure where to check these levels, why not book a service and to speak to one of CRS Automotive’s service specialists to assist you. At the same time, we will check the filters, hoses and belts involved in transporting fluids and advise you if any of these parts are damaged and need replacement.

3. Air conditioning

If you prefer using the air conditioning in your car to keep you cool during the hot summer months, don’t forget to switch it on before you hit the road. If you’re not satisfied with the temperature regulation, book a service with CRS Automotive, so we can determine the fault and get the air conditioning system in tip-top shape before you break a sweat.

If you need advice or someone to assist you with these maintenance checks, contact CRS Automotive service centers in Hamilton, Canada, to book a car service.

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