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Brake Services in Hamilton

The maintenance of your vehicle’s brakes is not only to ensure proper overall vehicle health but also to ensure your safety as well as the safety of the people around you. Your brakes should be inspected regularly by an auto repair specialist to make sure they are properly installed. Our top priority at CRS Automotive is that our clients are satisfied and safe.

Our brake services include:

  • Vehicle front and rear brake pad inspection
  • Vehicle brake fluid change
  • Vehicle parking brake repair
  • Vehicle brake pad installation
  • Vehicle rotor and drum resurfacing and replacement
  • Vehicle emergency brake repair

If you are wondering when your brakes need to be replaced, you can never be too careful. If you are constantly driving with music or the air at full blast you could be missing important signs that your car is in need of a tune-up. The biggest indication being a screeching noise every time your car comes to a quick stop. This is normally quite evident and can even be heard through rolled-up windows. Some other signs that your brakes need to be looked at are your vehicle pulling to one side, a grinding sensation when you slow down or speed up, pulsations or vibrations, and poor braking performance. We will look into any of these issues and proceed with a regular maintenance sweep. 

With brakes that don’t function properly, your vehicle is a safety hazard and should not be on the road. Coming in for regular tune-ups and maintenance will prevent these problems from becoming too serious and will add to the overall longevity of your car. Otherwise, letting these problems grow will lead to you spending large amounts of money on repairs and maybe even a new car. CRS Automotive can make sure that your car and brakes are in perfect condition and running smoothly. Our auto maintenance and repair experts provide cost-effective and thorough solutions for brake repair and services for any make and model vehicle. Don’t wait for your car’s problems to get worse and grow more expensive.

We install high-quality brake systems and parts that meet the highest industry standards. Drop-in or give us a call concerning any inquiries you have. We will happily discuss brake service packages, deals, promos, and warranty plans with you.

Feel free to contact our Hamilton service location at (905) 544-8335 or by email at

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