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FAQs about buying pre-owned cars in Cambridge

buying pre-owned cars CRS Automotive Cambridge
Investing in a pre-owned car instead of a brand new one can be an excellent financial decision. However, the process of finding the perfect pre-owned car requires proper research and due diligence on your part to ensure you are not in for nasty surprises in the long run. CRS Automotive Cambridge helps you through the process with the following FAQs:

What is the best-used car website?

CSR Automotive Hamilton is a one-stop-shop where you can find an inventory of pre-owned vehicles, affordable financing options as well as maintenance and servicing of vehicles. Our user-friendly website and its search engine allow for efficient searching of vehicles by price, mileage, make and the like. You can also browse through our pre-owned range by style, including sedans, SUVs and trucks.

How do I find a pre-owned car?

Looking for your dream car in the pre-owned range has never been easier with CRS Automotive Hamilton. Follow these steps:

Pick your ideal vehicle

Understanding your needs, budget, and requirements can help you figure out the right kind of vehicle for your family.

Set a budget

Analyzing your finances to understand the maximum you can spend on a pre-owned vehicle is vital. Other costs to consider include licensing, fuel consumption, depreciation, repair and maintenance.


Do your research to find vehicles in your area that suit your budget. The CRS Automotive Hamilton website consists of our high-quality used cars with impeccable usage and service histories. You can also use tools and websites such as Edmunds, Car and Driver and Kelley Blue Book to check reviews, ratings and make comparisons.

Visit the CRS Automotive Hamilton dealership

Visit the CRS Automotive Hamilton dealership to check out our range of premium pre-owned vehicles in sedans, SUVs and trucks.

What mileage is suitable for a used car?

An essential factor to consider when purchasing a pre-owned car is the number of kilometres it has driven, i.e., its mileage. It is said that a Canadian driver clocks up an average of 20,000 kilometres per year on a car. It is usually this number that manufacturers consider when determining a vehicle’s warranty.
However, just the mileage cannot determine if a pre-owned car is suitable or not. For example, if a vehicle has 200,000 kilometres on the clock and is in excellent condition, there is no reason you should not consider buying it. On the contrary, a car with only 50,000 kilometres with no service history and maintenance may seem lucrative, but it may cost you more in the long run due to service issues.

Which used cars NOT to buy

Even when looking to purchase a pre-owned car, a great price must not be the only factor you consider. Some brands and models are a complete no-go for consumers. Following these tips from CRS Automotive Hamilton on vehicles to avoid:

Thus, buying a pre-owned car makes excellent financial sense, but ensure you look for vehicles from reputed dealerships such as CRS Automotive Cambridge to get the best out of your deal.

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