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How Far Would You Travel to Buy a Car?

That’s the burning question, people!

In today’s world, where buying a car has become a social event, more and more people are doing their research about what new or slightly used (luxury) vehicle to buy and where on major Social Media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. In lieu with this new practice, it’s also become customary for vehicle buyers to hit the road in order to purchase the perfect automobile – as surprising as that may sound! 

According to a survey by CarGurus, the majority of 1.000 Canadians, aged 18 or older, still do not base their research on the perfect vehicle they want to buy on the Internet. On the other hand, those who invest more time in finding the right fit for their preferences and needs are willing to travel greater distances in order to buy the car they’ve set their eyes on. 

Furthermore, those who like to do their research online, more often travel farther to buy a new or used vehicle than other expensive items like electronics, home appliances and furniture. 

“Dedicating research time and using online resources can take the guesswork out car shopping and position a shopper to find their perfect deal, even if it means traveling farther to get it,” said Sarah Welch, Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing at CarGurus. “It’s interesting yet unsurprising that shoppers that invest significant time in research are also willing to travel farther to get the car they want.”

One good thing about traveling far to buy a car is that you get to bond with it on your way back home. That was the case of Dr. Elizabeth Farrar, who traveled 1.200km to pick up her newly bought torch-red 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Z51 from central Ohio. The fact that she lived in Missouri, US didn’t deter her one bit to step outside the town, even state borders, to purchase the exact car she wanted and at a price lower than what she was offered in dealerships close by. This was the car she wanted to own first in her town! So, she took to the Internet to look at her options and found what she was looking for in Pataskala, Ohio – all she had to do was by a plane ticket! The deal had been done over the phone, so the good doctor packed a bag, bought a one-way plane ticket and went to get her new car. 

Ain’t that something?!

It stands to reason that consumers are increasingly traveling longer distances to find their perfect vehicles as well as the perfect car-buying experience since the Internet allows its users to easily compare store’s inventories, prices and reputations. This may actually be the future of car selling, right?

So what are you waiting for?!

CRS Automotive has two locations in Ontario, Canada – Hamilton and Cambridge, ON. Our Cambridge, ON location is home to our used luxury vehicle sales division with 13.500 square feet, 8 service bays, a vehicle showroom that holds up to 8 vehicles and a parking lot for about 80 vehicles. The Cambridge, ON location also sees a lot of higher end vehicles in for service because of the market that it is located in. In Cambridge, ON, we are surrounded by new and high-end car dealers and many of them use us on a daily basis for services they don’t do themselves. 

If you want to become a proud owner of a used luxury vehicle, but you’re not ready to fork over too much money for it – we are the solution to your problem! We only sell top of the line vehicles and always have only your needs and desires in mind. So come to our shop and see for yourself all the fine vehicles we have to offer.

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