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My Auto Shop: Car Maintenance App

Let’s try to guess the answer.

Wrong. Try again.

No. You couldn’t be more wrong. There are games without major glitches, and cars are also getting more stable every day. Try again.

Actually, this is a warm answer, so we’re gonna cut to the chase. Stay with us.

My Shop, our new mobile app, is a result of years of efforts to bring customer care, which we’ve always been proud of, to an entirely new level. So, we came up with the most user-friendly idea ever. Thanks to this app you’ll be able to turn notoriously annoying (and never-ending) car maintenance into an easy, smooth and literally rewarding process. We’ve even added some fun to it by gamifying your experience.

Here’s how it works.

The app will automatically track all the repairs and services that your vehicle has undergone, as well as all of your old invoices, and turn them into experience points. As you pass levels and unlock achievements, watch your virtual experience points turn into real-life free repairs and awesome discounts!

Not to mention how much easier everything gets when you can schedule an appointment by tapping your mobile screen a couple of times. An adjustable reminder is there to make sure you never miss it. Or to easily postpone, if necessary.

There’s even more. Stuck in the middle of nowhere because your car has suddenly betrayed you? Send us a photo of the issue and get advice as you tap, real time, from real people.

Your car will be grateful, as well as your wallet.

Feel free to review and comment on the app. We welcome suggestions, as always.

Give it a try today! Download it from Google Play or Apple Store!

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