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Oil Change Services in Hamilton

The regular maintenance of your car’s oil is highly crucial to ensuring the longevity of your vehicle. Oil services are something that many car owners fail to do regularly. When you should change your car’s oil is dependant on a couple of factors:

1. How often you are driving
2. What the conditions are that you are driving in
3. The type of vehicle(s) you own

If you are close to the Hamilton area, then it is most fitting that you come on down to CRS AUTOMOTIVE, where our professional technicians can take a look at your vehicle and advise you on how often you should change your vehicle oil. Our technicians will provide a thorough and efficient inspection of more than just your car’s oil. Regular inspection matters when it comes to vehicle maintenance and health

CRS AUTOMOTIVE will also take a look at your vehicle’s:

  • Oil filter inspection
  • Air filter inspection
  • Vehicle Lubrication inspection
  • Transmission filter inspection
  • Antifreeze Coolant inspection
  • Engine coolant inspection

The oil filter is an essential part of your engine. To increase your engine’s lifespan, your oil needs to be clean for more extended periods, resulting from a properly working oil filter. The air filter is vital as it provides clean air to the carburetion system. A dirty or clogged air filter can lead to reduced gas mileage.

Since there are a large number of moving parts in a functioning vehicle, lubrication is essential. Your car needs to be lubricated to drive smoothly and efficiently. CRS AUTOMOTIVE will make sure that your vehicle is adequately lubricated while completing your regular maintenance. We can also ensure that clogging and blockage do not affect your transmission filter as this will obstruct fluid flow to internal parts. Lack of fluid flow can cause further problems with your transmission. Getting your transmission filter changed every so often is essential for these reasons.

You will need antifreeze as well when the weather starts to get colder. The antifreeze will keep your engine from overheating or freezing, and we can ensure that we will provide your vehicle with the correct amount. On the other hand, keeping your engine from overheating can avoid more significant complications. As such, we can give your car’s engine the correct amount of coolant as well.

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